Earn 30% (~$560) Commission For EACH Referral!

We do all the Work and You Earn HUGE COMMISSIONS.

Our Tax Credit Funder Partner Program is for the more advanced business owners, accountants, consultants, etc. who have a database of customers who qualify for our services for 1099 individuals: https://taxcreditfunder.com/en/

This program pays $50 upfront and also a 30% commission for referrals on the backend. That means you make money, and your clients, get the $1000s of tax credit/refund from the IRS’ SETC program. 

You MUST have a database of at least 100 qualified leads to participate in our partner program. If you don’t see the red box below.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Fill out the partner application.

Step 2: Send us a minimum of 100 pre-qualified leads from your database of existing leads and customers.

Step 3: Earn a 20% commission on the backend sales volume for the first 5 deals.  Earn 30% commission on all additional deals 5+.

NOTE: We pay $50 commissions on the $350 retainer fee we charge clients upfront.  This fee is strictly used for processing client applications with the IRS. You will also receive up to 30% commissions on all back-end volume.


Referral Partner Application

After submitting your application a member of our referral team will be in touch to go over the final steps in sending your database of leads to us.