Meet the Team at Tax Credit Funder

Duc Nguyen, CEO

Duc stands as an exemplary business leader and serves as the CEO of Tax Credit Funder. Moreover, he is the visionary founder and CEO of DirectFunder, LLC, a small business dedicated to assisting self-employed entrepreneurs in securing startup funds and working capital for their ventures.

With an innovative approach to pandemic relief, Duc has been at the forefront since 2019, collaborating closely with numerous small business owners, 1099 contractors, and self-employed individuals. His mission is to provide them with expert guidance and support, ensuring they navigate the intricate process of filing the necessary documents to access the tax benefits they rightfully deserve.

Kerry Kuykendall, Senior Advisor

As Senior Advisor at Tax Credit Funder, Kerry brings over 30 years of entrepreneurial and business ownership experience, offering invaluable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of independent contractors and small business owners.

Throughout his career, Kerry has not only launched companies and excelled in the financial market, online marketing, and business consulting but has also consistently demonstrated a profound commitment to helping others achieve success. His dedication to hard work and unwavering pursuit of progress towards perfection are just two of the qualities that Kerry contributes to the company.

What sets Kerry apart is his unrelenting passion for enabling others to achieve victory, making him an ideal fit for the role of Senior Advisor. His unwavering commitment to doing things correctly and with unwavering integrity positions him as a tremendous partner, friend, and teammate at Tax Credit Funder.

Meet our customer service, sales, and support staff

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